How to capture change in development interventions

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CISU has invited Jan van Ongevalle - a Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (PMEL) expert from Belgium - to do a mixed-methods outcome-based monitoring workshop on Thursday 16 May.

The workshop is for people and organisations who are interested in strengthening their focus on the outcome level in monitoring.

To get inspiration and hands-on experience with practical tools and methods that can be used for monitoring with a focus on outcomes and learning.

The workshop will provide participants with an opportunity to get some hands-on experience with planning, monitoring, evaluation and learning approaches that are particularly suited for development interventions.

Through practical exercises, participants will get experience with formulating progress markers and customising outcome journals for monitoring changes in behaviour and practices.

Participants will also learn how to use the methods; most significant change and outcome harvesting to identify changes that are often difficult to measure. These methods are especially suited for unpredictable contexts and do not necessarily need predefined indicators.

In addition, the workshop will provide some practical exercises on different tools that can help to collectively analyse the monitoring information and visualising trends. A simple matrix that can be used to develop a monitoring and evaluation plan will also be introduced.

After the workshop, participants will be acquainted with simple and practical tools that can inspire their own monitoring, evaluation and learning.

CISU reimburses expenses for transport over DKK 100 if the member organisation are not able to cover the costs themselves.

Note that the workshop will be in English

More about Jan van Ongevalle:

Jan Van Ongevalle leads the research group Global Development at HIVA KULeuven Link: here

He has more than 15 years of experience as a practitioner in the education sector in Africa, and 9 years of experience as senior researcher and research manager on various global development issues. His research approach is practice and policy oriented and covers the following main research areas in the field of global development: informal economy and decent work, redistributive social protection systems, trade unions and civil society, global citizenship education, complexity oriented planning, monitoring and evaluation and actor focused theories of change. At the moment he is team leader of two ongoing evaluations of development education programmes, a learning trajectory on monitoring and evaluation of citizenship projects for asylum seekers in Belgium and two learning trajectories with Save the Children and CARE Denmark to strengthen their planning, monitoring and evaluation systems in their respective programs in the Middle East and Niger. He is currently also coordinating research commissioned by the Belgian Ministry of Development Cooperation on the SDGs.

Some relevant publications related to planning, monitoring and evaluation:

Van Ongevalle J., Janssens, B. (2018). Learning about impact. Results of a learning process on monitoring and evaluation within 8 city-to-city link projects. VVSG. Link here

Van Ongevalle, J., Fonteneau, B. (2014). Learning about the effects of development education programmes. Towards a learning centred monitoring and evaluation practice. Research Report. Pulse Research Platform, HIVA KU-Leuven. Link: here

Van Ongevalle, J., Carabain, C. (2014). More or Less Global Citizenship? When Measuring Becomes Learning. An action research study examining the use of qualitative methods for monitoring and evaluation, Evaluation Series 4, NCDO, Amsterdam. Link here

Van Ongevalle J. (2013). Dealing with complexity through actor-focused Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation. Evaluation Connections. The European Evaluation Society Newsletter. December 2013. pp 11-12. Link here

Van Ongevalle, J., Maarse, J., Temmink, C., Boutylkova, E., Huyse, H. (2012), Dealing with complexity through actor-focused Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation (PME), PSO & HIVA, Den Haag, The Netherlands. Link here

Worshop responsible: Maria Graversen, Souad Bourrid and Mette Kjærtinge

Dato Adresse Pris Status
16. May 2019
kl. 15.30-19.30
Vartov, Opgang H, Farvergade 27, 1463 København K 50.00 DKK Kurset er afholdt.